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8 Years of Expertise with Clients like P&G, Kimberly Clark and Pfizer. 

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How We Work

Compliance with Medical Standards​

Unlike SEO Specialists who only have general education, we work with certified Specialists in medical fields.​

Data Driven Results

We develop our SEO Strategy in compliance with the strictest standards and in accordance with the most important Google algorithms, such as Medic Update.

Customized SEO Strategies

We don't look at you as just another project, but as an individual business with unique needs. SEO strategy will be tailored according to your business plans.

Not quite sure yet, huh?

We will help you achieve your goals through steady growth.

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SEO Specialist Spotlight ✨
DVM Zlatica Luknárová

Let us introduce our SEO Specialist, DVM Zlatica Luknárová, with whom we have been working on successful projects in the medical field for several years now.

Zlatica graduated from the University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences Brno, majoring in Veterinary Medicine.

She has worked on successful SEO projects for clients such as Pfizer, Tena or Leukoplast. She specialises in General and Veterinary Medicine SEO, Pharmacology SEO and Food Hygiene SEO.

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Sarah Chaya Presch
Sarah Chaya Presch
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I've known Patrik for a while now, and am constantly impressed with his can-do attitude. He's really knowledgeable when it comes to all aspects of digital marketing, especially branding and SEO. His company is able to handle so much, from Hungarian SEO to English video production, and communication is always great. So to summarize, Patrik is awesome and comes highly recommended.
Roman Okolicany
Roman Okolicany
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I evaluate the cooperation with Teapot very positively. We are on the same wavelength and I can always find a way with them to solve the challenges that life in business brings me. We also work together to align customer satisfaction and meeting our business goals to the satisfaction of the boss, which is not always a successful combination. Thanks to them, we're getting great results.
Peter Halaska
Peter Halaska
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Professional approach and quality. A team of people who will offer you a lot of interesting ideas to promote your company.
Barbora Gschwengova
Barbora Gschwengova
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Patrik embodies a remarkable blend of intrigue and expertise in the marketing domain. Over the past years, our professional paths have converged on a pioneering real estate start-up venture in Slovakia. On this occasion, I found myself in the client's role, an engagement that proved to be immensely rewarding. His strategic guidance and adept coordination have been instrumental in the venture's progression.
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